Do you need to add the same field multiple times in your form?

The plugin field " FieldX" is for you. SEBLOD extend Joomla! form functionnality by offer you the possibility to duplicate dynamically a same field X times.

The functionnality

For working, this functionnality need two fields:

  • The field to duplicate (text, select, calendar, ...)
  • The field fieldX plugin

Ajax is used to add or remove instance of the field in the form. You can also use drag to reorder instances added.

About the fields storage

All  data from the two fields are store in the same database column. So if you have read the Manual on storage you remember that the custom storage do that well and it mandatory for this functionnality:

  • Field to duplicate


  • FieldX field

CUSTOM  |  ARTICLE  |  database_column_name [ unique_name ]

Note: it's not because you use the Custom storage, that the "database_column_name" must be "introtext". Prefer to use a new column name.

Search in a fieldX

In your search type form add the field to duplicate. For this field click on the button 3 about "matching". Select your "matching" and click on the "+" button to select the collection field, here it would be your fieldX field itself.