Hi folks

This is not strictly a SEBLOD tip, but can come in useful if you have SEF URL's turned on.

Example SEF URL's ON:


Example SEF URL's OFF:


Place this code in your templates index.php file, in between the <body> tags

    // non-sefurl
    $router =& JSite::getRouter();
    $url = $router->parse(JURI::getInstance());
    $nonsefurl = 'index.php?'.JURI::getInstance()->buildQuery($url);
    // Output in a button or something similar so that it is easy to see
    echo "<button type=\"button\" class=\"btn btn-warning\">" . $nonsefurl . "</button>"; 


This way you can quickly see the info you might need.

Alternatively, you could place it in a module and simply turn the module on or off as required.