A groupX field is many useful to add a set of contents. However, when you use it with the email field, you don't have the ability to render the value of this kind of fields what you want.

In the following steps we explain what you can do to have a desired rendering of a groupX field (this is not a unique way):

  1. create a textarea field without limit of characters. Let us suppose it's name is "html_from_groupx".
  2. add an after store field. in this field you can add a code to parse a groupX field and to generate an html code of the desired rendering in the email. To parse the value of a groupX field you can use this variable "$fields['groupx_field_name']->value"
  3. add this code at the end of the "after store" field: $fields['groupx_field_name']->value = $html;