Nowadays any high-end company requires smart, scalable and universal search engines to organise their huge amount of data in order to be more efficient, and improve their business.
There are many Enterprise Search softwares, but today we’re gonna showcase the use of Google Search Appliance (GSA), a solution that we have been using for a couple of years.
As being at the JAB is supposed to be funny, we’re not going to bore you with office like documents. We’re going to talk about series : « Game Of Thrones », « The Walking Dead », « Breaking Bad », « Dexter », « Better Call Saul » ! Because series is a world social phenomenon and everyone here has his/her favorite series to share with us.
Autocomplete, Dynamic Navigation & Smart Filtering, Meta-data Indexation, relevant Suggestions will be such kind of capabilities we’ll demonstrate here.

As you can see, no content at all in the Article Manager... everything is retrieved in live with the WebServices add-on for SEBLOD Content Construction Kit.