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Adds an AJAX Cascading Drop-down list. Each drop-down is filled dynamically depending on the value of the previous one.

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  • AJAX-powered
  • Unlimited number of drop-downs
  • Works with any table
  • Joomla! 3.x
  • Joomla! 4.x

Implement a series of fields "dynamic selection list" each dynamically (Ajax) filled based on the previous. The options for each drop-down list are generated from a SQL query against any table of Joomla database (#__content, #__categories , #__my_table ...).

The options list is composed of two types of information in the form of a couple "Text = Value"
• Text: displayed in the list
• Value: stored in database


  1. Selection Title : Text of the first option , generally in the form, an invitation to the selection. The value of this option is an empty string. With the select on the right you can choose if the select label is displayed when there is only one option.
  2. Query: choice of construction for SQL query to fill the selection list :
    1. Construction: Wizard SQL query. It is built with the following options (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).
    2. Free : you must write the request manually. Extensive knowledge in SQL is required for this construction.
  3. Group Identifier: Each select in the same cascade must have the same Group name.
  4. Behavior: to define where the select is positionned in the cascade.
  5. Table : Table of Joomla database on which the query will be performed ( FROM clause ).
  6. Name Option : name of the column in the table, used to fill the text options of the list selection part .
  7. Value Options : name of the column in the table, used to fill the value options of the list selection part.
  8. Clause WHERE: clause WHERE of the query.
  9. Parent: name of the column in the table on which the clause WHERE will be apply with the result of the previous select in the cascade. Only available on middle and last selects of the cascade.
  10. Order By : to define how results will be order in the select.
  11. Languege code: define define available languages in the select.
  12. Language detection: define how to detect the language to use in the select.
  13. Methode: the methode used by Ajax Query. Only available in the last select.

Create a cascade

For example, when you want to be able, in a form, to select a city depending on county, which county depending on region.

Assume that i have 3 tables in my joomla database:

  1. #__regions
    • id
    • name_region
  2. #__counties
    • id
    • name_county
    • region_id
  3. #__cities
    1. id_city
    2. name_city
    3. county_id
    4. population

The first select "Select a region" will be like that:

For the second "Select a county":

and for the third "Select a city":

EDIT [November 23th]:
Version 1.3.5 should fix the issue while using Dynamic Cascade fields as "Filters" in a Search Form.
Meaning: no more infinite loop now. Be sure to apply the "Filter" variation only on the 2nd field.


  • It's not mandatory to have selects in Middle position. A cascade can be only with two selects.
  • By cons, "Start" and "End" positions are mandatory.

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Rating & Reviews

free SQL query example please

10 years ago
A great plugin but lacks a good free SQL query with the PArent parameter please. thanks!