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Upload jQuery (5 plug-ins)

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  • Joomla! 3.x
  • Joomla! 4.x

The Upload Jquery package bring the "Multi Upload Ajax" feature, for medias.
This field must be used in relation with an "Upload Image" or an "Upload File" field.

In a content type, you have to use It in the form view to upload medias and in the content view to display all medias in a UL / LI.
Medias are uploaded on the server before the form is submitted.

The Upload Jquery package embed 5 plugins: 

## Default plugins
CCK Field - Upload Jquery
CCK Field Typography - Upload Jquery
CCK Field Validation - Upload Jquery

## Plugins for Mapping mode
CCK Field Link - Upload Jquery
CCK Field - Upload Jquery Ordering

Default mode: Without Mapping

Medias are only linked with the content.
Using the field in the content view will display medias in a UL / LI.

The typography "CCK Field Typography - Upload Jquery" can be used on the field to display the "count" of medias, or only the first media "Featured".

Advanced mode: Mapping with an other content type.

Whenever a media is downloaded, a new content is created as if it had been created with the other content type.

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(use 1.12.4 for SEBLOD 3)

^ PHP8 Fix

Sign In1.13.52024-06-25

(use 1.12.4 for SEBLOD 3)

^ Link for cropping

Sign In1.13.42024-03-21

(use 1.12.4 for SEBLOD 3)

^ Trigger Events

Sign In1.13.32024-03-19

! SEBLOD 4 ready
Only UI Backend Compatibility
(use 1.12.4 for SEBLOD 3)

Sign In1.13.02023-02-09

^PHP8 Fix

Sign In1.12.42024-06-25

^ Improve Webp for GIF

^ Improve No Mapping Mode with Storage Custom on Upload File

Sign In1.12.32023-02-09

1.12.0 + Instant Save

^ Improve Delete function (Regression Since 1.11.4)

^ Improve function _get_file_object in class

^ Improve validation plugin to get the good path (Like 1.11.7)

^ Improve JS to work in content view

^ Fix bug when Mapping with storage custom (Json)

^ Improve Validation plugin + Webp Support

^ Force Lower Extension

Sign In1.12.02024-07-24

1.11.4 ^ Improve delete function

1.11.5 + Instant Save

1.11.6 ^ Improve Delete function (Regression Since 1.11.4)

1.11.7 ^ Improve function _get_file_object in class

1.11.8 ^ Improve validation plugin to get the good path (Like 1.11.7)

1.11.9 ^ Improve JS to work in content view

1.11.10 ^ Fix bug when Mapping with storage custom (Json)

1.10.11 ^ Improve Validation plugin

Sign In1.11.112020-10-12

^ Improve delete function

+ Instant Save

^ Improve function _get_file_object in class

Sign In1.11.72020-03-30

^ Improve bad Empty tag in database

Sign In1.11.32018-09-03

^ Code cleanup (Namespace, Comments inline,...)

Sign In1.11.22018-08-29


NEED SEBLOD >= 3.16.0

^ Improve & Secure Ajax Call

Sign In1.11.02018-06-20

^ Improve moving files when no mapping (for new content)

Sign In1.10.12018-02-28

+ Add Dev field "More UJquery Fields List" in the package

Sign In1.10.02018-01-12

+ Ajax Session token

Sign In1.9.92018-01-10

^ Improve Script Load

Sign In1.9.82017-10-09

^ Improve Modal Call IMPORTANT : NEED SEBLOD >= 3.15.0

Sign In1.9.72017-10-09

^ Improve « Edit As Copy » feature Important => prevent from deleting bad folder

Sign In1.9.62017-07-05

^ Using Core Modal

Sign In1.9.52017-06-27

^ Improve moving files from tmp folder

Sign In1.9.42017-06-06

NEED SEBLOD >= 3.11.0
^ Modal improved

Sign In1.9.32017-05-10

NEED SEBLOD < 3.11.0
1.8.1 + Option « Media Missing »

Sign In1.8.12017-02-21

^ Rename the Typo => CCK Field Typo Upload Jquery (To not override the old one)
^ Improve the validation « Force to Upload »

Sign In1.8.02017-02-17

^ Improve form view when a media is missing

Sign In1.7.92017-02-07

- Remove check of JCckDevHelper::getAbsoluteUrl before using it
^ Improve onCCK_FieldPrepareContent

Sign In1.7.82017-01-25

^ getAbsoluteAjaxUrl => getAbsoluteUrl( ‘auto’,…

Sign In1.7.72017-01-25

^ File size in Download Template (Fix regression)

Sign In1.7.62017-01-20

+ getAbsoluteAjaxUrl for Ajax Call
^ Improve Auto Upload Mode
^ Improve Media Title & Desc management for Download Template
+ File size in Download Template
+ Push $pk for Delete Process
+ Improve Typo Jquery Image (- Slideshow mode / + Retina for Featured mode)

Sign In1.7.52017-01-18

^ Improve Validation on content creation (Session)
^ &$file for process

Sign In1.7.42017-01-13
Sign In1.7.32016-12-28

Initial Release.

Sign In1.7.22016-12-27

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