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SEBLOD Toolbox Add-on brings a few additional features or capabilities to the Core package.

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  • Joomla! 3.x
  • Joomla! 4.x

The main feature is the ability to manage:

  1. Processings
  2. Jobs

A Processing is a core or custom script/file that is triggered on a specific event, page or by a specific field.

  • You can have a script to be execuded onCckPostBeforeStore, onCckPostAfterStoreonCckDownloadSuccess, ...
  • You can create a Menu/Nav Item that will run a script
  • You can even set up a Field, Live, Restriction or Typo with a custom script.

A Job creates a CLI file that can call one or multiple Processings.
After creation, you get the path of the CLI which you can set up later on your hosting platform/server (ex: Webmin > System > Scheduled Cron Jobs)

The SEBLOD Toolbox add-on also brings a few additional capabilities (SEBLOD > Toolbox >  Options) as "freebies":

  • Admin URL protection
  • Combine/Minify CSS/JS
  • UI Elements (Bootstrap Dropdown, ...)

Please note that some of these Options/capabilities are still "experimental", and cannot work out-of-the-box on ALL websites nor with ALL Joomla! Extensions/Templates.

Business Clubs:

  • Lifetime License
  • Unlimited Domains

Single purchase:

  • Free Updates
  • Lifetime License
  • Unlimited Domains







! SEBLOD 4 ready
(use 2.19.4 for SEBLOD 3)
+ Bootstrapselect 1.14
! beforeRenderForm applied
# JHtml issue fixed

Sign In4.4.02024-03-22

! SEBLOD 4 ready
(use 2.19.4 for SEBLOD 3)

Sign In4.1.02022-10-09

! Almost S4 ready
(use 2.19.4 for SEBLOD 3)

Sign In4.0.02022-08-25

# SQL query fixed.

Sign In2.19.42021-01-13

# Regression (value) fixed.

Sign In2.19.32021-01-06

+ Priority added on Field (Form).
+ Priority added on Restriction.
Priority added on Typo.

Sign In2.19.22020-12-13

# Various fixes.

Sign In2.18.52020-05-20

+ Processing View improved.

Sign In2.17.02019-05-10

Preparing stuff for SEBLOD 4.

Sign In2.15.02019-02-21

+ Priority added on Field (Content).
+ Various improvements.

Sign In2.8.02017-10-30

Initial Release.

Sign In2.1.02016-12-27

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