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Field which queries the Google Maps API and returns latitude and longitude based on a group of location fields

  • Automatically get lat/long based on a standard address
  • Stores in the database to limit API queries
  • Free the user from looking up their geolocation
  • Use with SEBLOD Maps or other map plugins
  • Joomla! 3.x
  • Joomla! 4.x

Address to Coordinates allows you to assign several location fields like street, city, zip code or country. On submission of the form, it will concatenate (combine) these fields and send to the Google API. Next, the API returns the latitude and longitude of the location which is then stored in designated fields. Storing location data rather than querying on each visit will keep your number of calls down now that Google has put a cap on free use of the maps API.
Once you have the latitude or longitude, you can use it with SEBLOD Maps or any other geo plugin or custom use.

Parameters include the choice of location fields and two text inputs for designating your latitude and longitude fields (these must be created separately but can be hidden).

Once installed, the Address to Coordinates field can be created and added to a form view of a Content or Search Type.

This field can be used to create a "radius search" feature. Instructions on implementing this can be found here.

( Don't work on Joomla 2.5.x )

Business Clubs:

  • Lifetime License
  • Unlimited Domains

Single purchase:

  • Free Updates
  • Lifetime License
  • Unlimited Domains








! Joomla! 4 ready
(use 2.0.0 for Joomla! 3)

Sign In2.2.02023-10-09

! SEBLOD 4 ready
(use 2.0.0 for SEBLOD 3)

Sign In2.1.02023-02-09

+ Various improvements.

Sign In2.0.02020-12-13

+ Apply Restrictions (Store).

Sign In1.5.02019-12-26

# Javascript issue fixed.

Sign In1.4.22018-07-13

^ Copyright updated.

Sign In1.4.12018-06-27

+ API Key (Alternative) added.
API Key fixed on beforeStore/Concatenate.

Sign In1.4.02018-01-19

# Language files now UTF-8

Sign In1.3.32017-08-25

# Trim "api_key"

Sign In1.3.22017-06-09

^ Copyright updated.

Sign In1.3.12017-05-17

+ API Key added.
# Load from module fixed.
# JS issue fixed.

Sign In1.3.02016-09-30

! Extensive cleaning performed.

Sign In1.2.22016-08-26

# Apply Restrictions.

Sign In1.2.12016-05-25

+ Country (Full/Short) Mapping.
+ Postal Code Mapping.
- Remove "sensor=false".

Sign In1.2.02016-05-09

+ Autocomplete mode added.

Sign In1.1.02014-10-17

# Minor issue fixed.

Sign In1.0.12013-11-23

Initial Release.

Sign In1.0.02013-05-31

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