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Field that let you apply a specific LEFT JOIN between 2 or more tables in order to tweak the search query.

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  • Joomla! 3.x
  • Joomla! 4.x

The Search Join field gives you the ability to apply a specific LEFT JOIN between 2 or more tables .
An SQL JOIN clause is used to combine rows from two or more tables, based on a common field between them.

This plugin allow "LEFT JOIN" query: return all rows from the left table, and the matched rows from the right table.
Options include Left Join (1), Left Join (2), Left Join (3). For each query 4 attributes must be filled:

  • Left Table: Name of the first Table (ex: #__usergroups)
  • Field Name of the common field in this first table (ex: id)
  • Field Name of the common field in the second table (ex: group_id)
  • Right Table: Name of the second Table (ex: #__user_usergroup_map)

The table on the right side of each Join line (parameter), is assumed to be already known/defined by the query.

Once installed, the Search Join field can be created and added to the Search Form view of a List & Search Type.

Example for a list of Users:
In order to filter all Users assigned to a specific User Group, let's setup a Search Join like this:
#__user_usergroup_map user_id id #__users
#__usergroups id group_id #__user_usergroup_map

Example for a list of Articles:
In order to filter all Articles created by a user assigned to a specific User Group, let's setup a Search Join like that:

#__users id created_by #__content
#__user_usergroup_map user_id id #__users
#__usergroups id group_id #__user_usergroup_map

This is not going to display anything on the Search Form.... but it will alter the SQL query.

In order to let the user select a specific User Group, you will need a 2nd field.. let's say a dynamic dropdown.
The storage of the field must be: Standard | User Group | id

Of course this is not specific to User Group, you can join the #__categories table or anything else..

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! SEBLOD 4 ready
(use 1.6.0 for SEBLOD 3)

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+ Apply "replaceLive" syntax.

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+ Placeholder tables added.

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+ Allow syntaxes in sub-query.

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^ Copyright updated.
# Apply Restrictions.
- Remove useless parameters.

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+ Ability to join the same table
more than once added.
+ JOIN/WHERE param added.

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# Issue fixed on back-end.

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+ Up to 10 joins.

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Rating & Reviews

It should be a core feature !

10 years ago
Great plugin cause it allows you to extend your search with almost infinite filters.
Just be sure to set foreign table on left and table with foreign key on right in the field options !

Very useful this plugin

10 years ago
Now this is well explained!