by Octopoos

10 hours
Support Pack
Because we do care about your projects, and we want your business to be successful, our experts are ready to help.
* excl. VAT
120 € / h
Please read the terms & conditions:
  • Areas of Support: anything around Joomla!(*) & SEBLOD, development, SEO, templating, web consulting, web mastering...
  • Validity: No more time limit! Feel free to consume your purchased hours whenever you wish.
  • Purchasing & Validation: your time is automatically credited after payment.
  • Request Processing: within 48 hours, and we do our best to make this time as short as possible.
  • Spoken Languages: English, French.
  • Support Mode: via email, Hangout or Skype, ..., that's your choice!
  • Time Consumption: each intervention will decrease at least 15 minutes of your credit.

Third party extensions are not included.

An expertise that you can’t get anywhere else.