New Release 3.11
Another great step forward!
This release was planned for a few months ago, but we wanted it to be great so... here it is: please welcome SEBLOD 3.11.
We do think this is a nice step forward as it includes really cool new features alongside with a bunch of improvements.
Please also make sure to upgrade your sites ASAP, as this version is also a security release.

Key Features:
  • A new Calendar field plug-in (please note that Joomla! 3.7 is required)
  • Bootstrap-based Modal Box integration
  • "Edition as Copy" feature
  • "Fragment as Resource" capability
  • Persistent Search behaviour on Lists
Another important improvement is that starting with SEBLOD 3.11, items (i.e search results) are not wrapped in a FORM element anymore when the search form is shown.This behaviour only appears when some of the plug-ins require it (ex: Drag & drop, JGrid checkboxes) and it is managed automatically and natively by the system.

Of course there is a lot more, so here is the full changlog.

B/C changes:
  • A default value applied on fields (Checkbox, Select, Radio plug-ins) will now trigger a WHERE clause on Search Forms. (which was not the case before)
  • The "Modal Box" location parameter (Rules, Wysiwyg plug-ins) has been removed. This means that fields will now on be displayed on the page.

You may already have watched our sneak peek video of SEBLOD 3.11 but if you didn't you should have a look at this post.
If you want us to showcase a specific feature of SEBLOD 3.11, feel free to send us some comments below.

As always, it is not only about the core package. All products (including apps) have been released today (for copyrights update, minor fixes or new features). Here are the ones you should know about: 

Updated Add-ons:
  • SEBLOD Exporter
  • SEBLOD Importer
Updated Plug-ins:
  • Checkbox Dynamic Field Plug-in
  • Checkbox Numeric Field Plug-in
  • Code Pack
  • Date Validation Plug-in
  • Download Link Plug-in
  • Fields Restriction Plug-in
  • Joomla! Message Object Plug-in
  • Joomla! Menu Item Object Plug-in
  • Joomla! Redirection Object Plug-in
  • Joomla! Tag Object Plug-in
  • Joomla! User Note Object Plug-in
  • SEBLOD Form & List Pack
  • Radio Numeric Field Plug-in
  • Search Join Field Plug-in
  • Search Query Field Plug-in
  • SEBLOD Site Object Plug-in
New Plug-ins:
Updated Templates:
  • List Template
  • Map Template
  • Minima Template

We hope you'll enjoy the new features and fixes, and we'll continue to work on the next releases.
Thank you for anyone involved on GitHub with bug reports and pull requests.

PS: For those who need to make a fresh installation of SEBLOD on a Joomla! 3.6.x, please install SEBLOD 3.10 and then update to SEBLOD 3.11 (as in the install.sql file of SEBLOD 3.11 >> "calendar" fields use the new calendar plug-in introduced in Joomla! 3.7)
Display locations on a map



6 years ago
Thanks guys! We in vain been waiting for the new release!


6 years ago
Thank you so much for the new release!


6 years ago
Thanks for the new SEBLOD release! Great improvements and features!


6 years ago
Thx a lot for this great software!!! I am a Sebloder since 2012 and used SEBLOD for all Joomla Projects since then. Thanks for all your hard work, really appreciated!

JCckContentJoomla_Article example

6 years ago
Hi Seblod....
RE: If you want us to showcase a specific feature of SEBLOD 3.11

It would be great to see examples of JCckContentJoomla_Article and JCckContent[OBJECT_NAME] in action

Many thanks

Placeholder tables added for Free storage - Example

6 years ago
Hi folks

Be really cool to see example of this and likely use cases