New Release 3.12
Security & Stability fixes
Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of SEBLOD 3.12.0.
Our latest release focuses on stability with many bug fixes, some consistency (i.e. important) changes, and bring a few more improvements to the SEBLOD Core package. This is also a security release, so please update your sites.

Small but nice additions:
  • As you know the Generic Search field plug-in allows us to display a single text input in order to search in various columns, which is great... but sometimes we also need to force this same text input to search within a single column... and this is now possible with the new version.
    For each column you can define an "aka" alias to be used on the front-end to specify in which column you want to search in.
    ex: "blue" would trigger a search in Title and Color while "color:blue" would search only in the Color column (i.e. color needs to be defined as an aka from the field options)
  • The "change" event that triggers the search when you use a "Filter" variation on a field is now applied on a ".is-filter" class, so you can easily toggle (enable/disable) the behaviour on client-side.
  • By applying data-cck-boxchecked="All" on a HTML element, its content (ex: the word "All") will be changed with the number of checked checkboxes (using JGrid typo on a List)

Changes in JCckContent
Permissions are now checked natively by the different JCckContent methods, and events are triggered as well.
If you need to exceptionally disable permissions check you can do it with $content->setOptions( array( 'check_permissions', 0 ) );
The "Delete" method has been refactored and does not call "onCCK_Storage_LocationDelete" anymore. And a few method declarations have changed.
We are working on a few documentation pages related to JCckContent and will publish them after the summer.

Feel free to read the full changelog.

Here are a few more updates:

Updated Add-ons:
Updated Plug-ins:
Updated Templates:

That's all for today. More to come after the summer.
Happy holidays guys!
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