New Release 3.17
Today, we are glad to announce the availability of SEBLOD 3.17.0.
It brings nice additions and improvements to our Core package. 

# Key additions:
  • "beforeSearch" event (gives the ability to alter some values before the search query)
  • Multilanguage Aliases support on Multi-sites system
  • "Persistent Search" support on Search module

# JCckContent improvements
Since the SEBLOD 3.16 series, you may have read our developer manuals dedicated to Content manipulation, and started to use our JCckContent "ORM" to create, load, save, delete content items. Some of you shared some great feedbacks (thank you for that!) and so you'll be pleased with new capabilities introduced today: the ability to countfind, search existing content items!
Some methods were already there, but we wanted to complete/changes some of them, add new ones... before highlight these great new capabilities.
We published a new dedicated page on our manuals: "count", "find", "search" methods to explain everything you need to know!

Additional methods:

# Free Object improvements:

  • "Delete" events triggered
  • Export capability added
  • JCckContent support added (new manual: Free Object)
  • "Save" events triggered

Feel free to read the changelog for bug fixes or additional improvements included in this release. 
Alongside this new major release of the Core package, we are releasing additional stuff.

Updated Add-ons: Updated Plug-ins: Updated Templates:
  • Accordion Template (including hash options)
  • Chart Template (including a fix when multiple charts are displayed on the same page)
  • Map Template
  • Tabs Template (including hash options)

Enjoy ! And feel free to leave your thoughts below.
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Thank You, SEBLOD Team

5 years ago
...looks great!


5 years ago
thanks a lot dear SEBLOD Team!

Great work

5 years ago
Glad to see my fav joomla extension is well maintained :thumbup

Multilanguage Aliases

5 years ago
Dear Seblod,
Your product is getting awesome from year to year. I am looking forward to see Multilanguage Aliases in action. Can you shed some light on that?
Thank you for the excellent tool that Seblod is!


5 years ago
+ "onBeforeSearch" added.
Really useful !


5 years ago
This is getting funky, especially now that it works with all objects and free table. count, find and search are groovy, too.

OBJECT FREE improvements - GREAT

5 years ago
Thanks, I was waiting for this, :)

Thank you for the comments!

5 years ago
Hi All,
Thanks for your support & feedbacks.
We've just published a new section on our Demo site, and yes we plan to share some inputs about Multilanguage Aliases.