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Hi Folks

JB Slicked List v3.4.0 is available now.

Please see JB Slicked List v3.2.0 for info regarding new UIKIT-V3 modal layout option (to compensate for my bad design in previous versions).
NOTE: I released v3.3.0 with slick v1.9.0 but this alters the layout. And it might or might not be a bit buggy, so I then had to release 3.4.0 which uses Slick Carousel v1.8.0, all is good
CHANGELOG for v3.4.0
-------------------- 3.4.0 Upgrade Release [3-June-2018] ------------------ 
^ Downdated Slick to v1.8.0. It turns out 1.9.0 is dodgy https://github.com/kenwheeler/slick/issues/3474 and alters the rendering of your slick carousel
+ Added fonts so that all Slick stuff is there should you want to use it
# -> Breakpoints would render if set to yes even if there was no breapoint values set, this caused problems and many tears. They now only render if set to yes and breakpoint has value set ie 768 and slidesToShow:2,

Jon / Bucklash

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